March 2021
What to do and not to do after a car crash?
We’ve created this guide on what to do and what not to do after you’ve been in a car crash. The things you do after a car crash have significant influences on your case and the amount of compensation you can receive. No matter how minor or how serious the...
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A marriage doesn’t finish when you get divorced. The end of a relationship often involves 3 major considerations: Divorce Property settlement Children   It is often that people who have no experience with Australian family law tend to fall into two extremes: One group may have the conception that property...
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TDifferent types of partner visas. Which one should I apply for?
Thinking about applying for a partner visa? Did you know that you can apply for partner visa without getting married? You can lodge your partner visa application immediately, if: you have registered your marriage or entered into a civil partnership in an Australian state or territory or you have been...
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