No Win No Fee

Why is No Win No Fee Lawyer a better option?

This does not sound new to most of you if you do read newspapers or billboards on the highway. Most importantly, it caught your attention because it sounds amazing!

What does No Win No Fee mean exactly?

Guarantee 1
No Win No Fee costs agreement guarantees you an easy access to legal experts with no upfront fees required. All of the outlays and related claim expenses will be paid by us prior to settlement once we take on your case.

Guarantee 2
If you are worried that your compensation will end up to be lower than our legal fees, fret not! You are protected by the Legal Profession Act 2007 where 50/50 rule applies. This simply means that we are obligated to discount our fees so that you are entitled to at least half the amount to which you are entitled after deducting any refunds you are required to pay and the total disbursements for which you are liable.

This way, you can leave your case with us with less worries and financial burdens.

When does No Win No Fee apply?

We offer No Win No Fee costs agreement for personal injuries cases,

  1. Motor vehicle accident;
  2. Workers’ compensation; and
  3. Public liability.

If you are injured due to any of the above reasons, or are unsure if you are entitled to compensation, please do not hesitate to contact Ascent Lawyers for an obligation free initial consultation. Our legal experts are friendly and can give you an initial assessment.

Since it is No Win No Fee, will the success rate be affected?

We completely understand that your biggest concern is the success rate because this deal sounds too good to you. You may wonder why we offer No Win No Fee: are we lacking of confidence? Of course not!

Ascent Lawyers aims to protect every single client’s legal rights so that you can get the best compensation possible. Saying that we will carefully assess your cases before taking on it. If your case has legal merits, we will thoroughly explain to you the whole process of the compensation claim.

We foresee all your worries. Ascent Lawyers promise to try our best to fight for client’s rights regardless of no win no fee.

Are there any risks that I will have to bear?

We hope the best for our clients so we won’t give you empty promises.

If your case has little chance of winning, we will let you know honestly, because:

  1. As a lawyer, we are required to conform to professional and ethical standards.
  2. We have a responsibility to act in your best interests.
  3. If your claim is unsuccessful, we are responsible for all the costs.

Doesn’t it sound like we are the greater risk bearer? Let us be your worry-free solution.

If I win, how are the legal fees calculated?

In general, the fees are calculated on a timely basis.The complexity and time invested on each case will be taken into account. Regardless, you are protected by 50/50 rule.

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