No Win No Fee

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Motor Vehicle Accident

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Work Place Incident

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Public Liability

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Are you worried about these issues?

1. What should I do at the accident scene or after a car accident?

2. Can I lodge a claim if I am only experiencing minor injuries?

3. Is there a time limit to lodge a claim?

4. How much compensation can I get from the claim?

5. I am holding a temporary visa. Can I still lodge a claim?

6. Would my permanent residency visa application be affected by the claim?

7. If I were to lodge a WorkCover claim, would I be dismissed by the employer?

8. I am paid by cash at work, can I make a WorkCover claim?

9. How much legal fees would a lawyer charge?

10. What are the risks for me to lodge a claim?

It doesn't cost you anything to find out what your legal rights are.

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No win no fee

For personal injury claims, we act for our clients on a "No Win No Fee" basis. In other words, we will not charge for our work unless we recover compensation for our clients.

No uplift fee

Many law firms charge an additional fee of up to 25%. We only charge on a timely basis.

50/50 Rule

In cases with low compensation amount, the billable legal fee will be discounted to ensure your net recovery is no less than the legal fee.

After hours legal services at no additional costs

We understand sometimes it may be hard to visit our office during business hours. We can accommodate meetings at your convenience.

Multilingual and Multimedia

We have a diversified team who are proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. We are happy to communicate in your preferred language and we can be approached by email, SMS, or other social media apps.
Professional compensation legal advice is the first step for getting the compensation you are entitled to.
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    Dealing with accidents

    There is no point blaming at the black sheep for accidents that had happened in order to protect your legal rights and interests.


    Compensation Claims

    Insurance companies always prioritise claims that have legal representatives.



    We analyze your case, guide you in evidence collection and assess liability issue.


    Permanent Impairment Assessment

    Your injury will need to be assessed by a specialist doctor in an Independent Medico Legal Examination. We will arrange the appointment for you.


    Pre-court settlement

    We endeavor to resolve your claim before going to the court. Litigation is always our last resort if the offer is dissatisfactory to you.

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