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Suffering from domestic violence, wanting to apply for a Domestic violence order (DVO)?
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Family Law
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Apply for a DVO

We help you apply for the most comprehensive and suitable DVO based on your situation

Family Law

Respond to a DVO

We help you properly respond to a DVO application as a respondent and avoid future problems

Family Law

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Family Law

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for a DVO

Domestic and family violence (DFV) occurs when one person in an intimate personal, family or informal carer relationship uses violence or abuse to maintain power and control over the other person. DFV does not always involve physical violence. DFV is usually an ongoing pattern of behaviour aimed at controlling a partner (also known as coercive control). A wide variety of abusive behaviours – including social, financial, psychological and technology-facilitated abuse – often accompanied by threats of physical violence, may be used to cause fear.

Domestic and family violence can include:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Social isolation
  • Technology-based abuse and surveillance
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Reproductive control
  • Stalking and surveillance
  • Identity-based abuse

A domestic violence order (DVO) is an official document issued by the court to stop threats or acts of domestic violence.

A DVO sets out rules that the ‘respondent’ (the person who has committed domestic violence against you) must obey. It is designed to keep the ‘aggrieved’ (the person who has had violence against them) safe by making it illegal for the respondent to behave in specific ways. There are two types of DVO: a protection order and a temporary protection order.

A DVO is a civil court order so it will not appear on the respondent’s criminal history. However, it is a criminal offence to disobey an order, and this will appear on the respondent criminal history.

If you believe your safety is at risk, and the normal application process won’t protect you quickly enough, you can make an application for an urgent temporary protection order.

Urgent orders may be made to protect the aggrieved even if the respondent is not present in court or is not notified about an application for a domestic violence (ex parte order).

The aggrieved is required to establish that an urgent order is necessary or desirable. If possible, contact us or the police as soon as possible.

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Respond to a DVO

There are 3 options you can take as a respondent to a DVO:

  • Consent to a DVO, accepting the allegations
  • Consent to a DVO being made against you on a “without admissions” basis, meaning you don’t accept the allegations
  • Disagree to a DVO, proceed the matter to a trial

Unfortunately, this happens often. It is common that we see DVOs not protecting those in need, but being abused as a weapon against ex-partners, especially when child custody is disputed.

If you have received a temporary protection order and believe the allegations are lies, we can assist you in your response or defence.

If it is found that the other party’s allegations are false, the judge will dismiss the temporary protection order and not issue a long term DVO.

We can handle the matter from a calm and objective perspective. Relying on knowledge and experience, we give you the advice that best suits your situation. Let us be your worry-free legal solution.

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Apply to amend an existing DVO

The aggrieved, respondent or any persons named in the DVO may apply to amend the DVO.

Common reasons for amendments to DVO include:

  • Limited conditions having limited protection over the aggrieved
  • Excessive conditions causing a party to be homeless
  • Duration of DVO is excessive
  • Failure to cover other people to be protected
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