Free Initial Consultation Policy

Free Initial Consultation Policy

1. Why do we provide a 15-minute free consultation?

We understand how much you want to solve your legal problem. No matter what problems you have, we want you to clarify the following with you before you decide to engage us:

  • What legal issues you have
  • Whether you have the need to engage a lawyer
  • Whether we have the experience and expertise to help you solve the problems.

Engaging a lawyer can be expensive. We want to help you make an informed decision before engagement.

*For personal injury compensation matters, we provided free initial consultation without time limit.

2. What to expect at the free consultation?

  • If what you have is a common legal issue, we will send helpful links or resources, so that you can better understand your situation and solve those problems by yourself.
  • If your legal issue is individualistic and complicated, we will advise whether we can help you. If yes, we will advise you of our quote.

3. Is my consultation with the lawyer confidential?

Absolutely. Lawyers are obliged not to disclose any details provided by you. This remains the case even you decide not to engage us for your case.

There is no need to worry about the confidentiality issue of your consultation with our lawyers. Therefore, we highly recommend that you have an open and candid conversation with our lawyers during your consultation, so that our lawyers can have a comprehensive understanding of your situation and provide the most accurate legal advice for you.

4. How should I prepare for an initial consultation?

Write down the key facts

Before the initial consultation, you need to be clear about the key facts, including who, where, when, what happened and the major disputes etc. If the facts are complicated, we suggest that you write them down, so that you can provide the most accurate information to your lawyer at the initial consultation.

Know your ultimate goal

Before the lawyers can answer any of your questions, you need to first know what your question is. You need to understand what results you want to get by consulting or engaging a lawyer. Only by understanding your ultimate pursuit could our lawyer assess whether your pursuit is reasonable, whether your case will be supported by law and how you should proceed with your matter.

Prepare your documents

Normally documents or relevant materials will not be needed in the free initial consultation stage, because lawyers will not provide any detailed legal advice for a specific case.

For the paid initial consultation, if there are important documents that you want your lawyer to read and review, you need to send them to our lawyer and allow us enough time to review the documents.

Paid consultation

If you want to book a paid consultation, please note the consultation fee must be paid to our nominated trust account before we can confirm your booking.