About Our Firm

About Our Firm

We are more than just a law firm. We are your worry-free legal solutions.

Our Story

Ascent Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane. It started with no extravagant setup, no lavish décor or any elaborate marketing strategies. The firm relied solely on the dedication and expertise of its founder and Principal, Mengpei Gao.

After years of hard work, Ascent Lawyers has grown exponentially with an extraordinary legal team. Our lawyers focus on various fields including compensation law, family law, immigration law, and traffic & criminal law. Our clients will always have their matters dealt with by lawyers who are most experienced in and passionate about that field of law.


Facts About The Firm


Our team members all have diverse international backgrounds. This means that we are more capable of relating to you and your experiences, no matter where you came from.


With the desire to fight for real results, we have gained the reputation as one of the best full-service law firms in Brisbane, helping clients all over Queensland and Australia.


We have helped countless clients and dealt with a wide range of legal issues. You may think your situation is too unique and complicated to be solved, but we don’t think so!


Our Mission

Our firm was founded with a clear purpose: to provide worry-free legal solutions by giving every client legal advice of the highest quality.

It is only through our service excellence and glowing client reviews which have allowed Ascent Lawyers to establish a strong reputation as one of the best law firms in Brisbane servicing the whole of Queensland.

Our People

Our team has a genuine commitment to you as our client. This level of dedication comes from the passion and expertise of our striving team.

We listen and constantly seek opportunities to innovate to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality solutions with the best value. We make sure your case is always handled with a personal touch, so you never have to worry.

Our Method

We refuse to accept “this is the way we’ve always done things”. We constantly search for opportunities to innovate, so that we can bring you real results with less time and less cost.

We combine the latest innovation and legal expertise to solve your worries. We believe that only client-focused law firms are the ones that strive for innovation.

Our Values


It is only by constantly growing and adapting can we keep finding better solutions that give us a competitive edge.


We take care of the intricated part of the legal matter and present our solutions in a simplified manner to minimise your comprehension effort.


We constantly search for opportunities to innovate so that we can produce optimally with less time and less cost.


Our team has technical skills that are highly regarded and highly sought after.


Specialisation means you no longer have to worry, no matter how unique your troubles are.


We are determined and dedicated to giving you the results that truly make a difference.

Now, you know who we are;
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