About Our Firm

About Our Firm

We are more than just a law firm. We are your worry-free legal solutions.

Our Story

Ascent Lawyers is a people-centric law firm based in Brisbane, Queensland. Founded by the Principal Solicitor, Ms Mengpei Gao in 2018, the firm had a humble beginning with no rich décor or elaborate marketing strategies. The success of Ascent Lawyers relies solely on the expertise and passion of the team. Our passion for law keeps us highly motivated and electrified in every client we represent.

Inspired by the joy of delivering first-class legal solutions while keeping legal work exciting, we automate administrative workload so as to maximise time spent in matter analysis.
Mengpei – Principal Solicitor

Our law firm, Ascent Lawyers, is named after our core value – continuous refinement. At Ascent Lawyers, we never stop finding ways to refine and innovate. Therefore, we have a strong focus on state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.

Our mission to Provide Worry-Free Legal Solutions is consistently reinforced by technology advancements and our people-centric approach.
Mengpei – Principal Solicitor

After years of dedication, Ascent Lawyers has formed a remarkable legal team and experienced exceptional growth. Our practice areas include compensation law, family law, immigration law, as well as traffic and criminal law.

All clients represented by Ascent Lawyers will always be managed by lawyers with extensive knowledge and, more importantly, a passion for the particular field.


Facts About The Firm


We prioritise building strong relationships with each client, ensuring they feel supported and valued throughout their legal journey. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to understand our clients’ needs, providing tailored solutions and compassionate guidance every step of the way. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every interaction.


With the determination to deliver tangible results, we have earned a reputation as one of the top law firms in Brisbane, assisting clients across Queensland and throughout Australia.


Leveraging our wealth of experience, we have aided a multitude of clients across a diverse array of legal issues. No matter how unique or intricate your situation may seem, we are poised to provide effective solutions.


Our Mission

At Ascent Lawyers, our mission is unequivocal: to deliver worry-free legal solutions through the provision of top-tier legal guidance to every client.

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence in service and the glowing testimonials from our valued clients, we have forged a formidable reputation as one of Brisbane’s prominent law firms, serving the entirety of Queensland with distinction.

Our People

Our team embodies a genuine commitment to our clients, driven by a shared passion and expertise that fuels our dedication.

We actively listen and continuously pursue avenues for innovation to guarantee our clients receive top-tier solutions with unmatched value. Each case is handled with a personal touch, alleviating any concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our Method

We staunchly reject the notion of adhering to traditional methods simply because “that’s how it’s always been done.” Our ethos is one of relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly seeking opportunities to streamline processes, saving you both time and cost.

By integrating cutting-edge innovation with our legal prowess, we address your concerns efficiently and effectively. We firmly believe that true innovation stems from a client-centric mindset, and we are committed to embodying that principle in all aspects of our practice.

Our Values


It is only by constantly growing and adapting can we keep finding better solutions that give us a competitive edge.


We take care of the intricated part of the legal matter and present our solutions in a simplified manner to minimise your comprehension effort.


We constantly search for opportunities to innovate so that we can produce optimally with less time and less cost.


Our team has technical skills that are highly regarded and highly sought after.


Specialisation means you no longer have to worry, no matter how unique your troubles are.


We are determined and dedicated to giving you the results that truly make a difference.

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