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Can I sponsor my employee as an employer?

Not all employers can sponsor employees to get a work visa.

You must be an eligible business and nominate the visa applicant.

Immigration Law

Can I apply for Employer Sponsored Visa?

To apply for employer sponsored visa in Australia, you would have to meet the following basis requirements:

have necessary skills and qualifications for the job
meet English language requirements unless exempted
be nominated by an Australian employer meet health and character requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check whether your skill is listed on any relevant occupation list
  • Check which occupation list your skill is on and which visa you can apply for

Most locations outside major cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) are classed as designated regional areas for migration purposes. For more information about designated regional areas, please find out here.

Many employer sponsored visas are refused because employer nominations are not approved, or additional materials are not submitted to the Department of Home Affairs in a timely manner when requested.

The main issue with employer sponsored visas is proving that a genuine position exists. We recommend that you engage an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you in preparing relevant documentation to demonstrate that there is genuine need for the position and genuine employment relationship between the sponsor and the applicant.

1. You have received a notification from the Department requesting for additional information

Please ensure that you take note of the deadline for the submission of supplementary materials. You must provide to the Department all relevant materials within the specified time.

2. You have received a telephone call from the Department for investigation and follow-up

The Department may telephone applicants or sponsors to verify the authenticity of visa applications. If you do receive a telephone call from the Department, please take note of details such as the investigations officer’s name, ID number, email address.

Further, please ensure that answers you provide over the telephone are consistent with those you have provided on your application.

3. Your employer’s business situation has changed

Generally, when your employer’s business situation changes, the Department needs to be notified as soon as possible. As employer nomination visas are closely related to the employer’s business situation, failure to provide timely updates to the Department not only will prolong the decision but may also cost you your visa. This is because from the perspective of the Department, you might have provided false information.

Are you an existing sponsor trying to find out when you need to notify the Department due to change in situation? Find out here.

If your visa application was refused without the opportunity to provide any supporting documentation, do not panic. Please contact our immigration lawyer as soon as possible to give you advice for the next step to take.

The application for a parent visa in Australia is expensive, extensive and complicated. It can be challenging for people without any legal background to submit such an application on their own. Any mistake, such as statement inconsistency or insufficient supporting evidence, may lead to the delay or even refusal of your visa application.

Experienced immigration lawyers at Ascent Lawyers can provide you with clear guidance throughout the process, ensure that quality documents are prepared to boost and increase your chances in obtaining your permanent residency visa.

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