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Do I have a public liability claim?

Did the accident occur because of someone else’s fault?
If yes, you may be entitled to make a public liability claim.

The most common public liability claims include:

Slip and fall in public areas (eg. parks, shopping centres)
Tripped due to unsafe stairs, walking surfaces, or a tool on the floor
Slipped on spilled food/drink in the public area (eg. food courts, restaurants, clubs)
Injured around the school campus
Injured on private property (eg. rental properties, shopping centres)
Sporting accidents
Injuries caused by the animal (eg. dog attacks, horse-riding accident)
compensation Law
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What can I claim?

Medical Expenses

This includes past and future medical expenses. It can be expenses for medical, rehab, physiotherapy, pharmaceuticals, medical aids and any other reasonable expenses.

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Loss of Earnings

This includes past and future loss of income resulting from the injuries. You may also be entitled to claim loss of promotional opportunities, interest and superannuation.

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Pain and Suffering

This includes both physical suffering and mental distress. It also includes deprivation of the ability to participate in normal activities and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Care and Assistance

This refer to help with domestic, personal care, vehicle or home maintenance tasks. It can be provided by anyone, paid or unpaid. But you can only claim if you meet certain conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All injuries that was due to someone else’s fault are covered, no matter if it is psychological or physical in nature.

Examples of common injuries in a public liability claim might include:

  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Falls
  • Upper and lower limb injuries
  • Amputation
  • Psychological injuries (such as anxiety, depression, PTSD)
  • Hearing loss

We cannot give you a definite answer, because every claim is very individualistic.

The amount of compensation you can claim in Queensland will depend on:

  • How bad your injuries are
  • Your age
  • Your education and occupation
  • Your health condition at the time of the accident
  • The circumstances of the accident
  • How much you have lost and will lose in wages
  • How much care you need
  • How much money you have paid and will have to pay out of your own pocket
  • The ability and experience of your compensation lawyer

Once your injuries have been stabilized, you’ll need to see a doctor to understand the impact these injuries will have on your future work and enjoyment of life. This will usually involve visiting one or more medical specialists and them writing a report to support your claim.

An assessment of your situation is needed before any projections can be given. Settlements reflect the long term impact on your life so it’s worth remembering that large settlements are associated with long term or life altering injuries.

Yes, there are strict time limits under Queensland law. Therefore, to ensure the success of your case, you must seek legal advice as soon as possible.

If you missed the time limit, your rights to pursue compensation may be lost. The benefit of hiring our compensation lawyer at Ascent Lawyers is that it becomes our responsibility to ensure the claim is lodged within the time limit and correctly.

If you are unsure whether you can make a public liability claim, you should contact Ascent Lawyers immediately to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

If we believe that you have a strong case, it is best to start the claim as soon as possible. In order to maximize the compensation you will receive, we have to gather evidence to support your claim. This may include:

  • Medical records for your injuries
  • Receipts of expenses incurred due to your injuries
  • Evidence of lost wages due to injuries
  • Names and contact details of witness to obtain witness statements
  • Photographs of the location where the incident occurred, the surroundings, and the injuries
  • Incident report to the occupier of the premises

It is in your best interest to act as soon as the accident occurs. If you need an experienced compensation lawyer, feel free to contact Ascent Lawyers directly.

In most cases, it’s the public liability insurance company of the person or business at fault that pays compensation to you.

Public liability insurance is an accident protection policy that many businesses, shopping centres and properties purchases to protect them from compensation payouts and legal costs that can occur due to their negligence.

We offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ cost agreement for public liability injury claims.

This means that you are free from paying any upfront costs during the claim.

Our legal fees are only payable when the claim settled successfully.

We provide this legal cost framework so that everyone can have fair and equal access to justice.

How long your claim takes depends on various factors, such as:

  • how complicated your situation is
  • how serious your injuries are
  • what treatment you will need before your injuries will stabilise

Each claim is different. So we can’t give you an estimate here. But once we get to know you better, we can give you a clearer idea of the timeframes involved in your claim.

Very few cases end up going to Court. The vast majority of public liability claims are settled before going to court. We aim to keep the legal costs down and maximize your net recovery in a time-efficient manner.

Yes, you can represent yourself. However, dealing with insurance companies can be difficult for someone who has no experience and limited time. Insurance companies are multi-million-dollar businesses that will settle your claim for as little as possible.

Whereas, we have spent years dedicated to compensation law. We know the insurance process and court system. Our expertise makes certain that you will get the compensation you deserve. With a free initial consultation and a no win no fee cost agreement, you have no risks.

Get in touch today, and let us do all the worrying.

For all public liability claims in Queensland, we work on a No Win No Fee basis. You will only pay our legal fees if we win your case. This means that once we take on your case, you do not have to bear any upfront costs!

You can rest assured because:

  • We can come to you
  • Your initial consultation with us is free
  • Unlike most other firms, we do not charge an uplift fee
  • Our legal fee is capped at 50%, so our fees can never be greater than your net compensation
compensation Law

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Bonan Shan
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I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ascent Lawyers for my personal injury case back in 2019. All the lawyers demonstrated high level of professionalism throughout all the stages of engagement. Ascent Lawyers was not only able to provide tailored legal advice, but they had been extremely informative and transparent during the entire process. This is particularly extraordinary when you consider the no-win-no-fee business model for PI matters. My case, in the end, was concluded with excellent results. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the whole team for their hard-work and professionalism, as well as Kira and Mengpei's close involvement with my case. I think their 5-star google review record does not lie. I would also recommend this firm to anyone.
WJ Liu
WJ Liu
3 years ago
Great thanks to Will for being my solicitor, for his patience, professional and instructive work which makes everything goes on well. Thanks!
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Devon Fung
3 years ago
From my personal experience dealing with Jacqueline from Ascent Lawyers, all I can say is that she is professional, reliable and goes above and beyond to deliver the best outcome. Always kept us informed with any updates.Overall, I would highly recommended her.
3 years ago
Very efficient and professional through out the whole case and amazing attention to details. Would definitely recommend.
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Yuan Chen
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Very trustworthy law firm with professional and friendly staff. Pricing is very reasonable as they solved my problem efficiently. I strongly recommend it to everyone one.
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yy rain
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Ms Gao is an expert in her profession, and provides excellent service. She is patient and answer all enquires quickly! Would definitely recommend her to everyone!