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What is Careless Driving?

If you drive without the degree of care and attention that a reasonable and prudent driver would exercise in the circumstances, you can be charged with careless driving.

Traffic Law

What are the penalties for Careless Driving?

If you are convicted with the offence, you will be issued 3 demerit points at the time of the incident.

The maximum penalty for careless driving charge is 40 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The police normally issue careless driving charges for traffic accidents when they feel the driver is at fault. They must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were driving without:

  • due care and attention; or
  • Reasonable consideration for other road users.

You can also be charged with careless driving even if there is no accident or damage caused.

Maybe. Depends on the circumstances leading to a careless driving charge, the court may impose a disqualification period. If it appears that you have a bad traffic history, someone was injured or serious damage was done to the vehicle, the court may disqualify your driver licence.

The investigation period for a careless driving can be quite long and taking a year is not unusual.

This is a ‘circumstance of aggravation’ to the offence of careless driving. This means, if it is proven, the court may impose a higher maximum penalty, or a mandatory minimum penalty which might otherwise not apply.

Grievous bodily harm is defined to mean:

  • the loss of a distinct part or organ of the body
  • serious disfigurement or
  • any bodily injury of such a nature that, if left untreated, would endanger or be likely to endanger life or cause or be likely to cause permanent injury or death.

The court may impose a minimum licence disqualification period of 6 months. The maximum imprisonment period has been increased from 6 months to 1 year (or 2 years if the driver was unlicenced).

The answer to this question will inevitably be “Yes”. Losing your driver licence can be troublesome as it may affect your daily routine and work.

The consequences of not having a lawyer far exceed the cost of hiring one. It is better to have a lawyer at the beginning to minimise the penalty.

Engaging Ascent Lawyers gives you the best chance to obtain the lowest penalty. If you are currently facing a charge, please do not hesitate to seek legal advice from our experienced traffic lawyers.

Engaging traffic lawyers at Ascent Lawyers gives you the opportunity to obtain the lowest penalty possible. Some of the benefits include:

  • We can help you throughout the whole process
  • In most cases you will not have to say anything in court
  • The court will understand that you are taking your charges seriously by engaging Ascent Lawyers
  • We know what to say to give you the best outcome
  • Your matter will be heard early and before the self-represented offenders
  • You will be fully informed of what happened in court
  • We will explain the penalties to you in details

At Ascent Lawyers, we appear frequently in courts with people charged with careless driving. It is the experience that allows us to get the absolute best result for you.

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