Australian Visitor Visa May Get Refused too!

Australian Visitor Visa May Get Refused too!

Published on 19 August 2021
Last updated on 14 March 2024

Australia has always been a sought-after destination for tourists from all over the world. To enter and stay in Australia for vacationing, visiting Australian resident family members or friends, or any other recreational and business purposes, you may consider getting a Visitor visa (subclass 600).

Below are the common visitor visa streams in Australia:

  • Tourist stream
    This visa stream lets you visit Australia as a tourist, to go on a cruise or to see family and friends.
  • Sponsored family stream
    This visa stream lets you come to visit your family members in Australia if you can be sponsored by a family member
  • Business visitor stream
    This visa stream lets you visit Australia for business reasons.


1. How much does it cost to apply for an Australian visitor 600 visa?

The cost of visas changes from time to time. Please use this visa pricing estimator to find out how much your visa application might cost.


2. What is the processing time for visitor 600 visa in Australia?

You should apply for you visa as soon as you can, before your planned date of travel. You will be able to find out the processing time of your desired visa here to ensure that you have set aside sufficient time for visa processing.


3. Can I apply for an Australian tourist visa on my own? Do I need to engage a IMmigration agent or an immigration lawyer?

The application for a visitor visa is not complicated. You can apply for a visitor visa on your own. You can use this link to find your desired visitor visa you wish to apply and follow the “step by step” instructions that is on each visa page.


4. Why was my visitor visa application REFUSED?

It is likely that after review of the visa application, the Department suspects your purpose of travel and has concerns that you will overstay your visa.

This could be caused by the documents you have submitted or failure to provide information regarding your:

  • work
  • financial situation
  • family circumstances
  • purpose and length of travel and
  • past travel history

Such documents are required to convince the Department that you only wish to stay in Australia on a short-term basis.

If your application has been refused, specific reasons as to the refusal will generally be provided to you in the refusal letter.


5. My visitor visa has been refused. What should I do?

Generally, if you have applied for your visitor visa outside of Australia and your visa has been refused, there is no right of appeal (sponsored family stream excepted).

If you wish to come to Australia, you can only choose to re-submit a new visa application. However, if on the second application, you provided the exact same documents you have submitted on your first try, it is likely that your visa will be refused again.

We recommend that you contact our experienced immigration lawyers at Ascent Lawyers as soon as you receive your visa refusal letter to help you with the following:

  1. analyse reasons for the refusal
  2. assist you in re-preparation of your new application and provide you with a checklist of documents you should attach to your application based on your circumstance
  3. draft a statement responding to the refusal reasons and asking the Department to consider any newly submitted materials
  4. re-submit your visitor visa application


6. What are the common conditions on visitor visa?

Visa conditions are usually attached to your visa. Each visa has different conditions. You can refer to your visa grant letter or use the Visa Entitlement Online system (VEVO) to check your visa conditions.

The following are the common visitor visa conditions:

  • 8101 No work
  • 8201 While in Australia, you must not engage, for more than 3 months, in any studies or training.
  • 8503 While you are in Australia, you are unable to make a valid visa application for any new substantive visa other than a protection visa.
  • 8531 Must leave before visa expiry
  • 8558 Non-Resident: Cannot stay for more than 12 months in any 18 month period.

Please ensure that you strictly abide by your visa conditions. If it is found by the Department that you have violated visa conditions, your visa may be cancelled.


7. My visitor visa has been cancelled. What should I do?

You will have no opportunity to appeal your 600 visa cancellation, if you are not in Australia.

However, if you are in Australia, the Department will not automatically cancel your visa. The Department will first send you a “Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation” which sets out the timeline to respond and argue your case as to why your visa should not be cancelled.

It is highly recommended that once you receive this Notice, to contact Ascent Lawyers immediately for us to assist you in preparing necessary documents and statements to prevent you visa from being cancelled.

  • If successful, your 600 visa will remain valid and you will not have a record of visa cancellation.
  • If unsuccessful, your visa will be cancelled. At this stage, experienced immigration lawyers at Ascent Lawyers can assist you to appeal the decision at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”).

It is possible for the decision to be overturned at the AAT. Despite so, we recommend that you engage an experienced and qualified professional to assist you in responding to any Notice you received to boost your success rate.

Don’t let yourself suffer from unnecessary stress, trouble, and financial loss. Let Ascent Lawyers be your worry-free legal solution.

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