I was injured in a Rental Property. Can I make a claim?

I was injured in a Rental Property. Can I make a claim?

Published on 10 January 2024
Last updated on 9 February 2024

When an injury occurs within a rental property due to negligence or poor maintenance, tenants and visitors may find themselves grappling with pain, medical bills, and potential loss of income. Understanding your rights and the responsibilities of your landlord in Queensland is crucial in these situations. This article will explore how to navigate making a claim if you have been injured at a rental property.

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1. Landlord Responsibilities and Tenant Rights

Landlords are legally required to ensure the safety of their properties and tenants. This encompasses a duty of care to maintain the structural integrity of the property, ensure that installations such as gas and electricity are functioning properly, and that appliances provided are safe for use. Regular checks of smoke detectors and urgent repairs are also mandatory.

To make a successful compensation claim for an injury sustained at a rental property, you must demonstrate:

  • The property had a defect that violates Australian standards.
  • The landlord, or their representative, was aware (or should have been aware) of this defect, or failed to address repeated repair requests.
  • No prompt or reasonable action was taken to mitigate the risk of injury.

2. Case Study 1: Neglected Maintenance Leads to Serious Injury

John, a freelance graphic designer, sustained a serious ankle injury due to a faulty balcony railing at his rented apartment in Melbourne. John had submitted multiple requests to his property manager, highlighting the unstable railing and expressing his concerns for safety. Despite these repeated attempts to draw attention to the issue, no repairs or inspections were conducted.

The incident occurred when John was watering his plants on the balcony and leaned slightly against the railing, which gave way. This resulted in a fall from the first floor, causing not only immediate pain and distress but also leading to an extensive recovery period. Being a freelance graphic designer, John’s ability to work was severely impacted, resulting in a loss of income.

In John’s situation, a compensation claim for medical expenses, pain, suffering, and lost income could be pursued, emphasizing the critical role landlords play in ensuring the safety of their tenants by promptly addressing maintenance issues.

3. Case Study 2: Slip and Fall Due to Neglected Water Leak

Emma, a school teacher, experienced a slip and fall accident in the common hallway of her rented apartment building, resulting in a fractured wrist and severe bruising. The cause of the fall was a water leak from a broken pipe, which had been reported to the property manager by multiple tenants over several weeks. Despite these reports, no action was taken to repair the leak or address the water accumulation.

The incident occurred as Emma was returning home from work, unaware of the water hazard in the dimly lit hallway. The fall not only caused physical injuries but also affected her ability to perform her duties as a teacher, leading to a period of absence from work.

In Emma’s case, pursuing a compensation claim for medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost wages would be justified. This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of landlords promptly addressing reported issues to prevent accidents and injuries within their properties.

4. Conclusion

Injuries in rental properties can have significant impacts on tenants’ lives. Understanding your rights and how to pursue a claim is essential for those affected. If you’ve suffered an injury due to landlord negligence or failure in maintenance, Ascent Lawyers can help you navigate the process of claiming compensation. Our experienced team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a consultation and begin your journey to recovery and justice.

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