Comprehensive Guide to Public Liability and Slip & Fall Claims

Comprehensive Guide to Public Liability and Slip & Fall Claims

Published on 22 December 2023
Last updated on 15 February 2024

Navigating through the intricacies of public liability and slip & fall claims can be a daunting task for the average person. This blog aims to demystify these legal terms, providing clear and concise information to help you understand your rights and the responsibilities of businesses and local authorities. Ascent Lawyers, with a wealth of experience in handling such cases, is here to guide you through the process and ensure that you are well-informed.

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1. What is a Public Liability Claim?

Public liability claims encompass a wide range of incidents, offering protection to individuals who have sustained injuries on public property or due to someone else’s negligence. These claims allow individuals to seek compensation when they are harmed in public or private spaces, holding the responsible parties accountable.

Examples: The scenarios that fall under public liability claims include injuries resulting from uneven sidewalks, falling debris at a construction site, or accidents occurring in a workplace when you are a visitor. Each of these situations demonstrates a breach of duty and resulting injury.

Legal Responsibility: All businesses and local authorities have a legal obligation to ensure safety in spaces under their control. Failing to uphold this duty can have serious consequences. More on this at Rule of Law Institute of Australia.

2. What is a Slip and Fall Claim?

A slip and fall claim is a specific type of public liability claim, focusing on incidents where an individual slips, trips, or falls, resulting in injury. These claims hold property owners accountable for maintaining safe conditions.

Responsibility and Prevention: Property owners must ensure safety through regular maintenance and addressing hazards. More information can be found at Legal Aid Queensland.

3. The Key Differences

While slip and fall claims are a subset of public liability claims, they specifically relate to falls and related injuries. Public liability encompasses a wider range of scenarios. For example, injury due to defective playground equipment (public liability) versus slipping on a wet floor (slip and fall).

There are legal distinctions and different procedures in filing these claims. It’s essential to consult with legal professionals, like Ascent Lawyers, to navigate these nuances.

4. How Can We Help?

Ascent Lawyers boasts a team of seasoned professionals in handling public liability claims, including slip and fall cases. We offer a free case evaluation and a No Win No Fee policy, demonstrating our commitment to our clients. Contact us for expert guidance and representation.

For insights into our approach and success, watch our client video testimonials.

Disclaimer: Ascent Lawyers owns all copyright in the text. This article is of a general nature and should not be regarded as legal advice or relied on for assistance in any particular circumstance or emergency situation. To obtain legal advice in relation to your own circumstances, please contact us for consultation.

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