Identifying the Registration Number of the At-Fault Vehicle: A Crucial Step in Personal Injury Claims

Identifying the Registration Number of the At-Fault Vehicle: A Crucial Step in Personal Injury Claims

Published on 11 September 2023
Last updated on 18 March 2024

If you have recently been involved in a car accident in Queensland and are seeking legal help to make a personal injury claim, understanding the importance of identifying the registration number of the at-fault vehicle is crucial. This article aims to simplify the process for you, provide the necessary information to navigate this situation effectively, and shed light on the Duty of Reasonable Inquiries and Searches that you need to fulfill.

Identifying the Registration Number of the At-Fault Vehicle: A Crucial Step in Personal Injury Claims

1. Why Identify the Registration Number?

Identifying the registration number of the at-fault vehicle holds significant importance for several reasons:

1.1 Insurance Claims

The registration number helps identify the compulsory third-party (CTP) insurer associated with the at-fault vehicle. This information is crucial when it comes to making a CTP claim and seeking compensation for your losses.

1.2 Legal Responsibility

In Queensland, if the at-fault vehicle cannot be identified or does not have compulsory third-party insurance, the State’s Nominal Defendant acts as a substitute insurer. By identifying the registration number, you ensure that you are directing your claim against the correct party, maximizing your chances of receiving fair compensation.

1.3 Efficient Claim Process

Knowing the at-fault vehicle’s registration number allows you to make a targeted claim, streamlining the process and minimizing potential delays. It ensures that your claim is appropriately directed and avoids unnecessary legal complications.

2. The Duty of Reasonable Inquiries and Searches

When making a personal injury claim, it is essential to understand and fulfill the Duty of Reasonable Inquiries and Searches. Recent case law, such as Ford v Nominal Defendant [2022], has highlighted the significance of this duty. The court emphasized that claimants have a responsibility to undertake reasonable measures to gather information and evidence regarding the at-fault vehicle.

3. Examples of Reasonable Inquiries and Searches

To fulfill the Duty of Reasonable Inquiries and Searches, consider the following steps:

3.1 Documenting the Scene

Take photographs or videos of the accident scene, including the vehicles involved, their positions, and any visible damages. These visuals provide important context and may help identify the at-fault vehicle later on.

3.2 Seeking Witnesses

Speak to any witnesses present at the accident scene and ask if they noted down the registration number or have any information that could help identify the vehicle. Their statements can be valuable evidence to strengthen your case.

3.3 Checking Nearby Establishments

Visit stores, businesses, or residences close to the accident scene and inquire about CCTV cameras that may have recorded the incident. Request their cooperation in preserving the footage, as it could provide crucial evidence of the events leading up to the accident.

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Video Testimonials
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再次感謝高律師、吳律師,辛苦了,感謝!(Translated by Google) In the past two years of closing the case (car accident case), I am very grateful to Attorney Wu and Attorney Gao. During the process, I only need to cooperate to provide proof (this part of the lawyer will also assist me). Everything else is handled very well by them. Worried (I feel like the lawyers are more worried about my case than I am! ) I am also very satisfied with the settlement amount. I highly recommend Yisheng. During the process, I can communicate in Chinese and there will be no unclear communication. If there is any need to go through legal channels next time, I will choose Yisheng again😊 Thanks again to Attorney Gao and Attorney Wu, you have worked hard, thank you! 
LISA G  我对其感到非常满意。他们对我的案件进行了全面而仔细的分析,给予了我专业的法律建议,并提供了有效的解决方案。他们的律师团队非常亲切和专业,耐心倾听我的需求和疑虑,并为我提供了准确的信息和指导。
总的来说,他们的专业能力、有效沟通和团队合作让我感到放心和信任。我会毫不犹豫地推荐他们给需要法律服务的人,因为我相信他们能够为客户提供出色的法律支持和代理服务。 (Translated by Google) I am very happy with it. They conducted a comprehensive and careful analysis of my case, gave me professional legal advice, and provided effective solutions. Their team of lawyers was very gracious and professional, patiently listening to my needs and concerns, and providing me with accurate information and guidance. They stayed in close communication with me throughout the process. Whether it was a phone call, email, or face-to-face meeting, they always responded to my messages in a timely manner and explained the legal process and possible consequences to me in detail. This style of communication gives me peace of mind knowing that my case is being handled properly. Overall, I feel reassured and trusted by their professionalism, effective communication and teamwork. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in need of legal services as I believe they can provide excellent legal support and representation to their clients. 
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